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GuaranteesWe understand the need to be assured of our company’s competency when deadlines loom and you need to put your trust in our writing staff. Customized is willing to guarantee both the high quality of our content as well as its originality. Thorough standards of quality assurance are enforced by our dedicated team of editors, and the latest techniques in plagiarism detection are put into use in order to verify the authenticity of all work before it is mailed to you.

Our dedicated teams of writers feature talented individuals with years of experience in the field as well as accreditations from top universities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. We are able to ensure that the writer working on your content will have the utmost understanding of the subject material and will be able to provide content that meets your specifications.

We understand you may be facing imminent deadlines that you cannot miss and we wish to assure you of the fact that we will not let you down. We are willing to guarantee that your paper will be done by the stated deadline. All of our writers generate 100% original content from scratch in order to avoid the threat of plagiarism. Furthermore, anti-plagiarism experts run through the academic content from the most reliable plagiarism-check tool, Writecheck so as to guarantee that every word that reaches the hands of our customers meets the utmost standards of originality.

The writers of are able to meet the most specific of specifications, even to the point of writing assignments which fit within your own writing style. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our business practices and we will gladly take any input from you towards creating the perfect content to meet your specific needs.

Our writers offer you the most authentic and original work, which is absolutely plagiarism free. We use the most trusted software i.e. Writecheck, and ensure that not even a single phrase appears under plagiarism, except for the quotes, if any. Therefore, you can be fully relieved about the quality of the work. Please note that even though we provide papers that are upto the standards indicated by you, we do not guarantee it in the form of grades you receive. We would however do the revisions to your paper (which is done at no charge upto three times within your selected timeframe when placing the order and at a nominal cost if the timeframe for making the revisions has lapsed). We aim to satisfy your needs to the fullest. 

We are the chief providers of academic writing services and are a way ahead of the other service providers that make their way by fraudulent means. We inhibit the unique combination of low cost and high value and therefore assist in building careers of many. Customer service has been our sole aim and our experts churn their part of knowledge and skills into your custom based assignments and come up with work that is worth a hundred applause. The impetus behind our ever enhancing success is our understanding of your even minute requirements that makes our service look apart from our competitors. This is what makes us different. 

We know how important the content may be to you, whether it is for an academic paper with a deadline bearing down on you, or for a report being due for the company submission. In order to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction, we provide a variety of systems to ensure that your experience will be an enjoyable one and you will return to for all of your content needs. We provide original formatted work, confidentiality, and a secure payment system. This combined with our wealth of talented writers ensures we will be able to provide a satisfactory experience that will have you returning to for all of your future writing needs.

Our top-notch work quality is guaranteed to you today and forever as we believe in quality more than quantity. Once the project is confirmed by our end, you can be rest assured of the impeccable customized paper detailing and comprising of all that is asked for in the paper. You will be gratified to know that till date we have successfully pleased thousands of clients and have got repeated orders from them on a regular basis. This throws light on our dedication and perseverance to provide you with quality work.